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A flood warning has been issued along the Missouri River in Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri. Nebraska co...

Found dogs

FOUND: Two dogs, wearing collars. One is black the other is black and has four white stocking feet. Call 402-259-2230.

Big Apple Pet Patrol

Have you lost a pet? Maybe you've found an animal. If so, the Big Apple Radio Pet Patrol is here to help. Below is our most recent listings of pets, both lost and found. If you've lost a pet or found one, post your listing with the Pet Patrol and get your information seen now! Pet Patrol Request Form

Lost dog

Lost dog, answers to Coco. Not wearing a collar. Last seen him on Sunday 8-10-14 at 3am at 1554 south 13th. He is a Pomeranian,gold and brown wearing scarf. 13 yrs old. If you have seen this dog contact John Stid at (402)873-3737 or (402)874-1025.

Lost dog

Lost dog named Ozzie. Last seen at 15th and 1st Avenue. Very friendly big dog with short yellow fur. Could have an orange tie attached to his collar. If found please call Amy at 402-209-4599.

Found Cat

A kitten has been found around 18th Street and 2nd Avenue, Monday, 9/1/14. The kitten is black and white, 3-4 months old and friendly. Not wearing a collar. If this is your kitten, please contact, Margaret Brust, 1803 2nd Avenue at 402-873-7166.

Lost Dog

Lost dog, named Max. Wearing a pink collar and last seen in Dunbar around 11:00 Friday morning. Description: pit bull puppy grey white markings color. If found, contact Terry blacketer, 173 N 46th Rd, Dunbar, NE Phone: 402-259-2489

Lost Cat

Lost Cat, named Dusty. No collar. Last seen 8/13 at Victorian Acres Camp Ground in Nebraska City. Has micro chip. Light to medium gray and slightly darker stripes. Contact Darlene 603-216-7493.

Lost Heifer Cow

Lost: A heifer cow, black ears, white nose. Contact Dean Koehn, 402-873-1003.

Found Dog

An older chocolate lab was found at 11th and 1st Corso in Nebraska City. Wearing a collar and can be located at Arbor Valley Animal Clinic, 402-873-3402.

Found Dog

Found at 6:00pm 8/11/14, a dog wearing a collar and a handkerchief around its neck that says "puppy". If this is your dog, please call Vaughn Hammond, 3rd Street, Phone: 402-499-6058

Lost Dog

Lost Dog. Bull terrier, male. Has a collar but no tags. Brown and white, little bit of black. White stripe from the top of his head to between his eyes. White and pink nose. Last seen in the area of 4th Street and 6th Avenue in Nebraska City. Answers to the name of Chapo. Very friendly! If found, please contact Samantha, 402-209-7044.

Found Cat

Kitten found in the parking lot by the library and middle school. Male, white with striped tail. Part siamese. Blue eyes. No collar.

If this is your kitten, contact Mary Finkner, 402-873-7640 or 402-209-0651.

Lost Dog

Lost Dog. Mozzy was last seen August 1st. He's a St. Bernard black lab mix that looks like a giant lab. Extremely friendly and will respond to his name. Not wearing a collar. Contact: Abigail Driskell in Hamburg. Phone 712-382-1580.

Lost Dog

Lost Dog. Female, Shih Tzu, black and white in color. No tags. Answers to the name of Mosley. Lost around Tag's One-Stop. Please call (605)354-2929.

Found dogs

Two female boxers were found at 11th and Central in Nebraska City. One fawn. One brindle. Wearing collars. Contact Arbor Valley Animal Company.

Found dog

Found dog with no collar in southwest Auburn. Male chocolate lab mix. If yours contact Kim at 402-274-9213.

Lost cats

Lost cats. Booboo and Monkey. Last seen at 4a.m. at 244 2nd St. in Syracuse. Monkey is wearing a pink collar with a pink bell. She is a young adult Grey tabby with a brown patch on her forehead. Booboo is a male tabby around the same age. Contact Ashley King at 4402-269-4080.

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