Local Art Instructor’s Work Featured in The New York Times

Local Art Instructor’s Work Featured in The New York Times
Jenny Kruger displays her artwork that is published in the New York Times.

COLUMBUS – A Columbus Community College art instructor’s work is featured in The New York Times.

Jenny Kruger says after she received her graduate’s degree from the School of Visual Arts in New York City six years ago she began sending out postcards of her work to art directors.

Kruger sent post cards out every two weeks to 40 art directors over a four month period, and her persistence paid off.


“So I mailed postcards to this one director at the New York Times and I never heard from him until Friday, this was six yeas ago,” Kruger explained.

Despite having her name, address, and professional website changed the director was able to find Kruger and offer her an opportunity.



“He needed sketches by the end of the day, and that day I had to go teach two classes,” Kruger explained. “I’m also a single mom, so I had to figure out what to do with my kids, and he needed the final by Monday at noon, so I got it in under the wire.”

Kruger’s illustration is featured in an article on The New York Times website that was published October 28th in the Dining and Wine section.

You can read the article with Kruger’s illustration from the link below: