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Primary Voters Urge Voters to Make Voice Heard at the Polls

Voters described a variety of interests on the primary ballot today and encouraged their fellow citizens to make their voice heard at the polling place.

A 22-year-old corrections officer, voting for the second time, said a big issue with him is Nebraska's good-time law. The provision for early release from prison has been addressed by the attorney general candidates.

He encouraged voting, saying its takes 20 minutes but has long-lasting impact.

Teacher Jason McNeely said voting makes a difference.

McNeely: "You send a message with your vote, whether you win or lose, what do we stand for as a state, as a community, as a nation by who you vote for."

Rose and Harold Gebers said they saw a lot of ads on television and answered a lot of calls from candidates.

Rose, a former bank clerk, said she felt that the governor's race was the most important for the primary.

Harold, who retired from Triangle Pacific in Auburn, encouraged people to take voting seriously.

Harold: " My grandfather came from Germany and to me this is a great country to live in. I've spent my time in the military and I've made a trip around, all the way around. This is still the best place to live. Please take care of it."

Laurence L. Falk, 84, who has voted for every president since 1952 called voting a personal privilege and responsibility.

He said it's important to have women running, describing his wife's struggle with gender equality as they both worked as professors.

Falk: "Over 50 percent of the population are female after all. I think they need to be represented in the various offices."
He said good citizenship demands vigilance.

Falk: "We have to work at keeping our democracy. If people don't work at it, it is going to disappear. We have to keep working at it and voting is one way."

Deanna Cline,76, said she feels the country is going in the wrong direction and paid special attention to the governor and U.S. Senate races.

Cline: "We just want someone to go to Washington D.C. and actually do something and not get to Washington D.C. and just get in with the good ol' boys."

Jerad Sornson, 42, is owner of Johnny Cycle and candidate for Third District Otoe County commissioner.

He said it's important to familiarize yourself with candidates and vote.

Sornson: "It's pretty hard to make an opinion on what somebody is doing if you don't go in and give your opinion and vote for who you think. That's the main reason."

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