'Stand Your Ground' Law Introduced at State Capitol

LINCOLN -- The Judiciary Committee heard LB612, or the "Stand Your Ground" law, an attempt to to strengthen Nebraska's self- defense laws on Friday. The bill introduced by Senator Kintner removes s... Read More

COLUMBUS - A Columbus minister is among those clergymen that have joined a statewide list of officiants that are willing to perform same-sex marriages. Reverend Chris McArdle of St. Luke's United Church of Christ in Columbus volunteered his name... Read More

WASHINGTON – Agricultural producers are getting a one-time extension on an important deadline to update information for new Farm Bill programs. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsak announced Friday that an extension will be provided to producers for... Read More

Westboro Baptist Church protesters were met with a counter protest in Nebraska City Friday afternoon. Six members of the Westboro Baptist Church waved signs and sang parodied pop songs near the Old Stone Cabin in Steinhart Park. Across Central ... Read More

State officials, who assembled at Nebraska City's newest electric car charge station Thursday, called Nebraska City a leader in alternate energy vehicles. Anne McCollister, Co-founder of Nebraska Community Energy Alliance, said charge stations in ... Read More

The Westboro Baptist Church lead a protest of the Auburn High/Middle School today.  The protest lasted a little over 15 minutes and included seven members of the group. Esther Prosser from Nemaha came arrived at 7 a.m. to show her support for the... Read More

Late last week, local officials received notification that a so-called "church" from Kansas was scheduling protests at the Auburn and Nebraska City High Schools this Friday. A flyer, with the "church" slogans, says it will picket the nefarious high s... Read More

STANTON - Two suspects have been identified in the search to find the persons responsible for shooting Grace the pit bull on a Stanton County Trail. Stanton County Authorities say one suspect is the owner of the dog, who is a female from Colorado.... Read More

Multiple fire departments responded to a house fire in Nehawka this afternoon. The fire was visible upon firefighter's approach and took more than a hour to get under control. Deputy Fire Chief McIntire said that the fire engulfed the house rap... Read More

COLUMBUS - A Columbus man is wanted for his alleged involvement in creating and distributing counterfeit money. The Platte County Sheriff's Office has issued an arrest warrant for 36-year-old Brian J. Dieter on 1st Degree Forgery charges after $3... Read More

Former Nebraska City Mayor Jack Hobbie said Thursday a secret move to hire a new city clerk contributed to his decison to resign. On Dec. 1, Public Works Commissioner Jim Stark and Parks Commissioner Jeff Crunk voted not to re-appoint former city ... Read More