VIDEO UPDATE: Norfolk Emergency Response Scrambles During Busy Drive Time

NORFOLK -- Shortly before 5:00 PM Tuesday night, Norfolk Fire and Rescue received its first emergency call for a serious one-vehicle accident near South Side Salvage at 1801 South First Street. When E... Read More

Cowboy Tye Sturgeon loped across the Nebraska border on horseback Tuesday to fulfill a vow he made to himself as a boy in Batesville, Ark. Actually, he watched for traffic in front of a Fremont County sheriff's deputy escort as his 12-year-old pai... Read More

LINCOLN – The all clear has been given at the state capital after an unattended briefcase was found in a corridor near the Rotunda. Senators were told to return to their offices just before 2 p.m. after the southwest hallway on the second floor ... Read More

Gov. Pete Ricketts called on the citizens of Nebraska Tuesday to help return the state Legislature’s focus to tax relief, rather than a six-cent increase in the gasoline tax. The governor said in Nebraska’s one-house unicameral system the peop... Read More

LINCOLN - A suspicious unattended brief case in a hallway corridor near Nebraska’s Unicameral Legislative Chamber caused an evacuation. The Chamber has forced State Senators to recess, and Sen. Paul Schumacher says officials are telling everyone... Read More

NORFOLK - Northeast Nebraska could see it's first dose of strong to severe storms tomorrow. As southerly winds pick up overnight tonight and continue throughout the morning and mid day tomorrow, an advancing cold front will be running into a flow ... Read More

LINCOLN -- 10/11 News in Lincoln is reporting that a suspicious unattended brief case in a hallway corridor near Nebraska's Unicameral Legislative Chamber has forced the State Senators to recess and evacuate the Chamber. At this hour, State Troope... Read More

LINCOLN – The U.S. Department of Agriculture has released the prospective plantings report for the upcoming growing season in Nebraska. According the the USDA, Nebraska corn growers intend to plant 9.3 million acres this year, unchanged from las... Read More

OMAHA, NE - Thunderstorm activity is likely to develop late Wednesday, continuing on through most of the overnight hours in eastern Nebraska and southwest Iowa. It appears that the threat for large hail and damaging winds will be focused along a... Read More

Cal Roulson with Fremont-Mills Veterans’ Affairs visited the Fremont County Supervisors Tuesday morning to announce Carline Crom and Nancy Hamlin as the new assistants in running the VA office and program. Roulson : “I think these two ladi... Read More

NORFOLK - The Northeast Nebraska Long Term Recovery Team is looking for volunteers to aid those affected by last June's tornadoes. They are looking for individuals to fill volunteer positions as Recovery Case Managers to develop relationships with... Read More