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Garbage Fees to Drop for Nebraska City Residents

City Council presented the official contract outlining the franchise and lease agreements for BK Inc. this morning as the Rock Port company will take over garbage collection duties beginning September 2nd.

A committee was put together to negotiate the final contract that will see residents' rates drop more than $10 a month.

Nebraska City Commissioner, Jim Stark: "The net effect is on September 2nd the new provider will be providing the same type of solid waste service to the citizens of Nebraska City at a rate of $13.59 a month which we consider to be quite an accomplishment."

Currently the monthly residential rates are over $25 dollar, and Stark discussed why City Commissioners were able to lower to cost for citizens.

Stark: "The transfer station is now paid for, so toady it's an asset that the city has. By using that asset the citizens have paid for we were able to make the transfer station available to the waste hauler at a reasonable rate. That in turn allowed BK Inc. to negotiate a less expensive monthly garbage service to us."

The city will be charging BK Inc. $1.25 per ton of garbage with a minimum rental fee of $1,100 a month. According to Stark, commissioners are planning to use the funds collected for regular maintenance of the transfer station.

With the new contract Nebraska City residents who haul garbage to the transfer station themselves will see fees drop from $71 to $60 a ton.

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