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Miss Nebraska Princess Uses Fundraiser To Give Back To Hospital

National American Miss Nebraska Princess 2014 is raising money for the Children Miracle Network.

Nebraska City 6-year-old Kadynce Mullin suffered a seizure in May, the day after she was crowned Miss Nebraska Princess, and is now inspiring donations to health care providers.

K. Mullin: "I competed in my pageant in May at the National American Miss Pageant. I was so excited when they called my name to be the new Miss Nebraska Princess! The next day, I had a seizure and was transported to the Children's Hospital in Omaha. I got to color, eat breakfast in bed, lunch and dinner in bed! It was so much fun and the hospital was really great. My project is called, 'Suckers for CMN!' I'm raising money for the Children's Miracle Network so they can buy an ambulance or whatever they need!"

Mullin goes around with her wagon and sells suckers for 50 cents apiece at the local Wal-Mart here in Nebraska City.

Kadynce's mother, Brenna, said that Kadynce wanted to help the doctors because they helped her when she suffered her seizure.

B. Mullin: "She actually loved being at the hospital when she had to go there and she wanted to raise money for them to help out. She saw one of the collection containers at Wal-Mart on the counter and she wanted to know how to put money in there. I told her we could find a way to raise money and then she came up with the idea of selling suckers. That's how it all started and from there we began to sell the suckers at Wal-Mart, they have been helping us out as well. She has raised over $200 so far."

Their goal is to raise $500 by the end of October, but Kadynce doesn't plan to stop there with "Suckers for CMN (Children Miracle Network)."

Brenna Mullin says her daughter is still going through medical treatment after experiencing multiple seizures.

B. Mullin: "She had a seizure back in March and had her pageant in May. We thought it was just a one-time seizure we didn't know much about it. The day after her pageant, she had another seizure at school. They took her to St. Mary's Hospital and the doctors determined she needed to go to the Children's Hospital for test. They did numerous test on her to see what was going on. We are still searching for answers. She experienced another seizure last week at vacation bible school. We don't know what is going to happen with it right now. She is just trying to stay positive and do as much as she can."

Kadynce and her family will be at the Sidney Iowa Rodeo Parade this weekend with wagon in hand as she continues her fundraising efforts.

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