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Late last week, local officials received notification that a so-called "church" from Kansas was scheduling protests at the Auburn and Nebraska City High Schools this Friday. A flyer, with the "church"... Read More

Former Nebraska City Mayor Jack Hobbie said Thursday a secret move to hire a new city clerk contributed to his decison to resign. On Dec. 1, Public Works Commissioner Jim Stark and Parks Commissioner Jeff Crunk voted not to re-appoint former city ... Read More

ELGIN - Two retired ministers in Northeast Nebraska have added their names to a statewide list of officiants that would be willing to perform same-sex marriages. Reverends Ray and Mary Avidano volunteered their names for what's known as the Ready ... Read More

Nebraska City Mayor Jack Hobbie announced his resignation Thursday morning effective immediately. The mayor of Nebraska's only commission-form of government, cited dysfunction in city government as a driving factor in his decision. Hobbie said ... Read More

DAVID CITY - The Butler County Relay for Life is inviting the public to attend its March 5th meeting. The Relay for Life is encouraging anyone to come who has been effected by cancer or who is just interested in getting involved. The meeting will... Read More

AUBURN -- Buck and Duck creeks remain a top priority in Nemaha County’s one-year road improvement plan. The plan adopted Wednesday includes 19 bridge projects, including five structures over the creeks west of Peru. The projects are linked to Ne... Read More

COZAD -- The Nebraska State Patrol said three people were killed in a two-vehicle crash on Interstate 80 Wednesday night. NSP said it happened around 6:30pm when a westbound vehicle lost control and cross the the median, hitting an eastbound vehic... Read More

OMAHA --  A woman who nearly died last month and was the second pregnant patient in the country to receive a life-saving medical device gave birth Tuesday in Omaha. Seven weeks before her due date, on Jan. 9, the young woman felt chest pain, dizz... Read More

PILGER - A woman who was severely injured in the June 16 tornadoes in Pilger has regained custody of her daughter following an Alabama circuit court decision. Kandi Murphree is expected to return to Nebraska with her daughter, Robin Dixon, in the ... Read More

LINCOLN, Neb.-- About 50 Nebraska clergy members have agreed to perform same-sex marriages if a judge overrules the state's ban on gay marriage, a decision some expect to come this week. Most of the clergy members come from larger cities like O... Read More

Nebraska Cities Apple Blossom Festival has been moved to follow the Arbor Day Celebration on this year’s calendar. NCTC Director Tim Pendrell says he hopes the move will extend the spring tourism season. "It'll kick off on Arbor Day weeke... Read More